Event: Absolute Zero

A cold snap has hit Gurhal, and the chilly throes of Winter have taken the form of an all-new event for Phantasy Star Universe - Absolute Zero! Absolute Zero features new missions, a special event website complete with unlockable rewards, and additional unlockable content.

In the storyline for PSU, the event takes place following the GUARDIANS' alliance with The Communion and before the interference from Mother Brain. The main event mission takes place on Neudaiz, where players work to clear contamination at the Hakura Temple. The Temple and surrounding environment has been hit with arctic temperatures, freezing much of the landscape and requiring the use of special Photon Reflectors to dethaw. The main mission as well as the trading post and introductory missions are accessible from the 5th Floor of the GUARDIANS Colony at Clyez City. Absolute Zero also features a 'Hit the Counter' bonus mission for anyone on a team that helps hit the milestone awarded every 100,000 server-wide kills. Event Missions (Available at the 5th Floor of Clyez City): Operation Absolute Zero - Event Prologue Mission Guide to Thawing - Event Tutorial Frozen Flowers (C-S2) - Main Event Mission Subzero Challenge (C-S2) - Bonus Mission (Time Challenge) Ice Crystal Exchange - Item Exchange Mission

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